number forty seven

Josh and I don't watch TV. We have a television, but we decided against buying an aerial lead to hook up to free to air channels. Both of us are pretty susceptible to excess screen time so we felt this would be a step towards being more selective with our time. We figured we might... Continue Reading →

number twenty three

2 years and 78 days ago I said goodbye to the single life and hello to married life. It's been great... and sometimes not so great. Life's like that right? Single life was the social life. Mid week hangs, Friday night beach trips and late night chats in the car. The young single adults program at... Continue Reading →

the nike list was born

The Nike List has become a new way of thinking for me, and is helping with my ever existing desires to prioritise procrastinate things. It is funny how an exciting project can get you fired up. This particular project-trying-to-turn-lifestyle has come to me at a time when I've really needed it. It was heaven sent. It... Continue Reading →

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