number forty one

It feels good to write. I think it's quite like exercise? I forget how much I love it until I'm actually doing it again. So here I am. Where to start? How about this... When I was twenty, I headed on a road trip with my Dad, younger sister and her then boyfriend. It was... Continue Reading →

number fifty four

Last week I took a pregnancy test and was shattered. I sat on my bed thinking about what the specialist had said earlier that week. "Don't be disappointed if it doesn't happen." I reassured him that I'd taken several negative pregnancy tests before and that I'd be fine either way. Now on the other end... Continue Reading →

number fifty three

I know. It's been some time. I've been busy doing different things, but take a few minutes so I can tell you about my day. As most mornings, my bladder woke me up a lovely 30 minutes before my alarm. Sometimes this is welcomed. Not so much today. The best part about waking up to... Continue Reading →

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