number twenty two 

Last New Year's Eve, I took Josh to the beach and showed him a hidden lookout I'd found months before. That day we ticked off our first Nike list item. A few days later, we sat down and had the beginnings of our list. Nine months later, and we headed back to the beach. This... Continue Reading →

number one

When Josh and I started more seriously dating, he made two things pretty obvious. That he was super keen to start trying for kids as soon as we got married. That he wanted us to go camping. You can probably guess which of the two I came around to first. *Hint, it wasn't camping* Josh... Continue Reading →

number twelve

Swimming carnivals. School sport. P.E. Clothes shopping. Public change rooms. Beach hangs with friends. Rude guys from school. Cross Country. Athletics carnivals. Scales. A list of things that I spent a huge part of my life dreading. If you were to ask, I would tell you that almost all of my life I've been overweight. Very... Continue Reading →

the nike list was born

The Nike List has become a new way of thinking for me, and is helping with my ever existing desires to prioritise procrastinate things. It is funny how an exciting project can get you fired up. This particular project-trying-to-turn-lifestyle has come to me at a time when I've really needed it. It was heaven sent. It... Continue Reading →

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