number sixty nine

I sometimes classify myself as being a lightweight. This has nothing to do with my physical abilities or my ability to alcohol (because we all know I don't drink). But has everything to do with my likeliness to faint in sometimes unusual circumstances. One of those includes giving blood. For a simple blood test. I've... Continue Reading →

two thousand and seventeen

I have just spent the last 76 minutes trying to put together a poster for a church event. There is something special about the rage that comes from putting up with ill functioning technology. Never at any other time, do I so desperately want to pick something up and throw it across the room, hoping... Continue Reading →

number fifty four

Earlier in the year I started babysitting for a family I know from church. Two active boys under four. The older loved doing puzzles. There was a whole drawer full of them. Huge ones. Superhero ones. Educational ones. We'd sit and finish one just to rip it apart and do it all over again. It... Continue Reading →

number twenty two 

Last New Year's Eve, I took Josh to the beach and showed him a hidden lookout I'd found months before. That day we ticked off our first Nike list item. A few days later, we sat down and had the beginnings of our list. Nine months later, and we headed back to the beach. This... Continue Reading →

number forty one

It feels good to write. I think it's quite like exercise? I forget how much I love it until I'm actually doing it again. So here I am. Where to start? How about this... When I was twenty, I headed on a road trip with my Dad, younger sister and her then boyfriend. It was... Continue Reading →

number forty eight

Since I was old enough to be relatively observant and 'with it', I've described an aspect of myself as having addictive tendencies. Case one: Food. I love food. What's not to love? Except maybe grapefruit. Just get it away from me because it tastes like ear wax. Yes, I've tasted ear wax. It tastes like... Continue Reading →

number fourteen

I was having a conversation today about how quickly time is going by. It's actually ridiculous! This time a year ago, I was starting the last semester for my teaching degree. Fast forward and so much has changed since. We're a healthy 8 months into the year and I've got a solid list (literally) of... Continue Reading →

number thirty four

SHE'S BACK!! and the crowd are going wild! Or maybe they're just mildly jazzed? Seriously sometimes life is a whole lot more colourful in my mind. I've had some solid silent time. Like two months worth. And that's an okay thing to do. No need to bully myself because I'm not keeping up with a... Continue Reading →

number fifty four

Last week I took a pregnancy test and was shattered. I sat on my bed thinking about what the specialist had said earlier that week. "Don't be disappointed if it doesn't happen." I reassured him that I'd taken several negative pregnancy tests before and that I'd be fine either way. Now on the other end... Continue Reading →

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