number twenty two 

Last New Year's Eve, I took Josh to the beach and showed him a hidden lookout I'd found months before. That day we ticked off our first Nike list item. A few days later, we sat down and had the beginnings of our list. Nine months later, and we headed back to the beach. This... Continue Reading →

number thirty two

Almost two years ago a friend invited me for an afternoon out. I was still working my way through the post ectopic pregnancy depression which predominantly brought feelings of bedtime all the time and little social contact. This beautiful and well meaning friend of mine was also newly pregnant and that was rough to deal... Continue Reading →

number fifty

I know Moana is all the rage at the moment, but I'm currently sitting at my desk listening to 'Let it go' and reminiscing on the Elsa experience I had today (for those of you who no comprehende, google 'Frozen'). Its now four months into the year, but I'm really beginning to feel like I understand what I'm supposed... Continue Reading →

number thirty seven

I've recently entered the world of the hashtag. Took me a while to really get my head around it, but I can now admit that I am a hashtager. And I like it! Some of my most used non-nike list ones are #fallinlovewithlife #teachergoals #friendshipgoals, and on at least one occassion I've used #couplegoals #relationship... Continue Reading →

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