number forty one

It feels good to write. I think it's quite like exercise? I forget how much I love it until I'm actually doing it again. So here I am. Where to start? How about this... When I was twenty, I headed on a road trip with my Dad, younger sister and her then boyfriend. It was... Continue Reading →

number fifty four

Last week I took a pregnancy test and was shattered. I sat on my bed thinking about what the specialist had said earlier that week. "Don't be disappointed if it doesn't happen." I reassured him that I'd taken several negative pregnancy tests before and that I'd be fine either way. Now on the other end... Continue Reading →

number forty five

This day signified the end of my official schooling. It was the completion of 13 years of public schooling, 3 and a half years of undergrad study, and finally 2 years of postgrad study. The majority of my life has been spent as a student, and on this day as much as I was keen... Continue Reading →

number nine

When Josh and I went on our third date we were shocked by the amount of things we had in common. We were both left handed, from a family of five, suffered from some level of middle child syndrome, had oranges as our favourite fruit, were easily engulfed when it came to movies, preferred to... Continue Reading →

number twelve

Swimming carnivals. School sport. P.E. Clothes shopping. Public change rooms. Beach hangs with friends. Rude guys from school. Cross Country. Athletics carnivals. Scales. A list of things that I spent a huge part of my life dreading. If you were to ask, I would tell you that almost all of my life I've been overweight. Very... Continue Reading →

number twenty three

2 years and 78 days ago I said goodbye to the single life and hello to married life. It's been great... and sometimes not so great. Life's like that right? Single life was the social life. Mid week hangs, Friday night beach trips and late night chats in the car. The young single adults program at... Continue Reading →

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