number thirty two

Almost two years ago a friend invited me for an afternoon out. I was still working my way through the post ectopic pregnancy depression which predominantly brought feelings of bedtime all the time and little social contact. This beautiful and well meaning friend of mine was also newly pregnant and that was rough to deal with on my best days, but for some reason I said yes and out we went. She took us to the local museum which caused a few excited flashbacks from when I was younger. I remembered my parents taking us and getting bored by all the ‘interesting historical exhibits’, getting psyched by all the fun science activities I never knew were educational, and feeling like the luckiest kid ever when I got to pick a small item from the gift shop. The museum had been moved to a different location since I last went yonks ago, so it was interesting trying to piece together fragmented memories when seeing parts of different exhibitions. It was cool to play, but actually learn stuff at the same time. I love learning! It was about 2 minutes into the exhibition when I decided that it would be the perfect date opportunity for me and Josh sometime in the future. It was only a few months ago that I put together my nike list, and well over a year since I decided to take Josh on that museum date. We had been able to get to the museum just once, but we were only able to see one of the exhibitions… and it happened to be the more-historical-less-fun exhibits. I was still wanting to get Josh to the see the epicness of the entire museum so I finally committed it to number thirty two… museum date.

The date begins

Saturdays for us usually get pretty full, pretty quickly. I work in the morning, and the rest of the day gets busy spending time together, doing errands and house work, or catching up with friends and family. The museum ended up being a perfect date for us on one of our typical Saturdays.

It’s time friendly.

I get home from work around 12:30 pm, have lunch and some chill meditation time because teaching my drama kidlettes tends to send my mind spinning in a happy, but exhaustive way. Depending on how much energy I have going determines whether I get productive for the rest of the day, or just keep the chill vibes going. The museum date was awesome because we could easily stay there for as long (or short) as my energy would allow. I don’t know about anybody else, but museums make me extra tired. The whole walking so slow you’re practically standing still for hours on end. Snoooooooooore. We clocked an even 2 hours by the end of it.

It’s money friendly.

Dates. are. awesome. Dates that cost nothing are even better than awesome. The museum date was just that! Not only does the museum offer super cool exhibits, but they offer it to you for FREE! The only exception is when they have special exhibitions which cost a small admission fee, but you can opt out, and just check out the regular ones. When we went last week they were showing one all about Japanese tattoo’s, but we were happy enough to pass on it. Generally, parking can be a hit and miss. Majority of the local parking requires a small fee, but we lucked out and found a free parking spot. SCORE!

I love this part!

It’s ‘new’ friendly.

I’ve been to the museum a few times now and each time I’ve seen something new. This time round, the ‘History of Newcastle’ exhibition showed an new exhibit looking at the development of immigration in history. Some of it didn’t seriously tickle my fancy, but other parts were super interesting. We got to watch these really old advertisements trying to encourage people to immigrate over to Australia. It was pretty funny to see the way they targetted people’s interest. “There’s a man’s job for you in Australia.”  But, my absolute favourite was the ‘teaching grammar’ booklets. My word! I am an English teacher (kind of by choice, mostly because I have to have an additional teaching area) and they made me laugh something chronic! Have a look below at the genius of teaching grammar.

Really its something special

Perhaps, not totally politically correct, and at least in today’s world, its open to some serious discussion with its assumptions about gender, but does anyone else find it ridiculously funny? It’s a hoot looking at the old time stuff and seeing how much the world has changed. And along with that change theme, the museum is always bringing in something different. The next special exhibition is supposed to be looking at “Remembering the Pasha Bulka.” Because that happened sooo long ago, right? It was like a couple of years ago, yeah? Nup! 10 years this June! Time. Wow.

It’s learning friendly.

The supernova exhibition is, and will most likely ALWAYS be my favourite. My past science teachers would be thrilled. Honestly if science classes had the same sort of appeal, I might have turned out to be a science teacher. Ha! Probably not. It felt a little weird just writing it. Breathe drama world. I’m here to stay. In case you didn’t catch it, the supernova exhibition is science and fun working together at its best. You get to press buttons, play with magnets, create tornados in a tube, and lift cars. Yes. With the magic of science, I actually lifted a car.

Learning has always been fun for me, so putting science activities with the knowledge of why they do what they do is a thing of beauty. It was awesome to re-learn a lot of what I was taught in high school, and to understand a few new things. Did you know with the power of my hands, and some copper and metal plates, I can create electricity? True fact. The sometimes embarrassing reality that my hands are often clammy-sweaty means I do a mad job of it. For scientific reasons that I can currently remember, the greater moisture on your hands means the greater amount of electricity you generate. Isn’t the world cool?



My favourite part of the museum date was not anything that we saw, but something that I was reminded about… This world is full of so many amazing-beautiful-crazy-cool-beyond-wow things. It all works together to make this incredible experience we call life. Yet, so often we forget. We don’t recognise. We take for granted. We don’t know about. We ignore. For me that day it was science. Ever since kindergarten, I’d been taught how we explain the wonders of the world and gradually I forgot most of it. Ask me to rattle off the first 8 elements of the periodic table, sure. But, not much remained after that. But, whether I paid it attention or not, science continued to exist and make its influence in the world. I think this is beautiful for two reasons.

We can be like science. We are like science. We continue to exist whether people recognise us or not. Whether people acknowledge us or not. Whether people validate us or not. Science exists regardless. But, it doesn’t just exist. It makes a mark. Too often I can find myself existing for others to notice me, to recognise me, to validate me, to ‘like’ me. I would exist for it. Now, I try do more than that. Taking a lesson from science, I exist and influence regardless.

Yeah, I lift…cars

Forgetting can be an annoyance, but it also has gift like potential. On the museum date I remembered something once forgotten. Science came back to me and my world expanded in greatness. Again, life began to seem more incredible than it had before. I was opened up to how great and vast the universe is. That science is just one small facet of the beauty in the entire world. Just like science, each one of us is one facet of the beauty that exists in this world. You are the only you. No one else thinks the exact way you do. No one else has the same smile. No one else cooks like you. No one else sings like you, listens like you, works like you, loves like you, laughs like you, keeps trying like you. And that is strengthening. You are the only one with your story. And each story is beautiful in its own unique way. The museum date reminded me how small I am. Standing under a giant globe can do that. But my beliefs inspire me to be me in a big kind of way. To continue to learn who that is and live it perfectly imperfect. Human kind needs diversity. Its the only way we can compliment each other in a humbling kind of way.

So to you who is feeling a little lost in the crowd, or a tad forgotten, or in need of recognition. I see you. I recognise you. I validate you. You are you. That is a great thing. You are stronger than you know. Its hard, but believe it. Take hope in it. Now, recognise you. Validate you. Embrace you. Love you. Be kind to you. Enjoy you. Accept you. Praise you. Encourage you. Be patient with you. Forgive you. Because sometimes the world will forget you, ignore you, and take you for granted, and in those times you need to be for yourself what you need from others. Even in those times, you are still needed in the world. Exist to influence even when the world is quiet. Be like science. Be brave. Be you in a big way.

Emily xo Emily (1)

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